Life Is Rare..
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When Sarah Riles ends up babysitting a creepy little girl named Suzy, when she makes it to the house.. Suzy says something very bizarre!

Life Is Rare..

"Sarah, Ms.Randal called and said can you babysit Little Suzy!" Said my mother. I told her no,

But she said I have to! So I drove to Ms.Randals house after a hour.

I knocked on the door, only to see Suzys face staring into my soul..

She said hi then went to play with her baby doll, then the mother gracefully walked towards me and said:

"Sorry this is last minute but I found out my sister is having a baby, and I wouldn't want my daughter to be there!"

I smiled and said: "No explaining, go ahead!"She then kissed her daughters cheek and said:

"Bye Love!" Then her duaghter said "Bye." Then creepily under her breath so her mom wouldn't hear she said:

"Hope nothing happens to the baby." 2 hours later the mom comes home saying: "There was a miscarriage.."

A tear ran down her face. Her daughter looked at me and said:

"It's okay!" Then smiling at me. The next day I had to babysit again..

I said hi to Suzy.. Then one hour later she ran to me and said:

"Life Is Rare, Remeber That." She then ran back to her baby doll that she played with everyday. She ran back saying:

"He's Coming For You, In This Case, You'd Wish You Never Had A Life."

I then started thinking what could that have meant..

Should I make a part 2!?

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