The Gifted, Chapter 5
The Gifted, Chapter 5 stories

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The strange man offers something to Alek, hoping he won't turn him down.

The Gifted, Chapter 5

Alek led the man into his kitchen and slid a small can of soda across the table to him, sitting down opposite him, "What are you here for? I haven't done anything wrong."

The man nodded and took a long drink from the soda, "I'm Dr. Livington, and I'm not here because you've done something wrong. In fact, I'm here to ask if you can help me with something."

"Hm? What could a teenage boy help a grown man with? Talk to his daughter about crap?" Alek remarked, unsure of where the conversation was going.

"Not at all. You see I don't have any kids, this is about a war we are trying to stop. I'm looking for kids with unique abilities like yours."

Alek thought about what was being said for a moment, "So.. You're trying to make a super army? In order to stop a war?"

Dr. Livington nodded, leaning forward in his chair. His voice changed from asking to a serious tone, "We are in need of assistance. If you come with us you can teach your own class.

You will teach others how to parkour and what they will need to maneuver on the battlefield. In return, we will teach you how to fight and use your ability as best you can."

Alek slid a pad of paper and a pen across the table to him, "Leave your number and give me twenty-four hours to think on it. I'll text or call once I have my answer."

Once he left his number on the pad of paper Dr. Livington got up and left, leaving Alek to think through his offer.

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