Chapter 3: The Team.
Chapter 3: The Team.  thriller stories

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Henry finds out who he has to work with to stop Skinner, and he isn't too happy about it.

Chapter 3: The Team.

It was late morning when Henry heard someone knocking, no banging, on his front door. Henry groaned before slowly getting out of bed and putting on his shoes.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" He yelled as the person banged on his door harder. He rubbed his head, unlocked the front door and opened it.

Before he could see who it was they shoved him out of the way, stepped inside his house and slammed his door shut.

"Jeez, Henry, it's rude to make your siblings stand out in the cold for thirty minutes," his sister said looking at him.

Henry groaned, "What are you doing here?"

"Aren't you glad to see your big sister, Hen?"

"Don't call me that, especially in my own house. What are you doing here?"

"Remember how I made it into the FBI? And they sent me off on some big case all the way down to china?

Well I heard about your problem with that psycho Skinner so I decided to come and visit for a little. Then the Bureau gave me some exciting news."

Henry sighed and hoped she wasn't talking about what he saw yesterday, "What news did they give you?"

"They told me that your little friend isn't really dead, and that he killed again.

They also told me that your department hasn't put together a team of investigators to capture this guy, so they sent me.

" his sister smiled and took her hood off allowing her black hair to fall to her shoulders.

"Don't tell me your here to set up a team,"

That's exactly why I'm here, Hen. Now let's get going" his sister spun around on her heels, opened his front door and walked out.

Henry shook his head, grabbed his gun and put it in it's holster, clipped the holster to his side and walked out the door.

Henry walked down to his car and looked around for his sister before the Lamborghini in front of his honked and his sister stuck her head out the driver window, "Let's go, were losing daylight,"

Henry sighed, got in his car, and drove to the YSPD while his sister followed him blaring music. Once he got to the YSPD he quickly got out of his car and walking inside ignoring his sister.

"Hey Henry, the chief wants to see you in his office when you get the chance," Jonathon told him as Henry walked by. Henry nodded and walked to his desk.

He was about to sit down when his sister grabbed his arm and pulled him away from his desk, "What is wrong with you, Hen? You act like you don't wanna see me, let alone work with me."

"That's because I don't. The last time we saw each other you made a fool of me in front of the entire Police Department and I lost my chance at a promotion.

And I know this time you'll do the same thing. If not worse,"

His sister shook her head before answering, "You embarrassed yourself on that case, not me."

"I don't care what you say. I'm not going to take orders from you, let alone work with you. I don't ever want to see you again.

So if your smart, you'll leave and tell your superiors that we don't need your help."

His sister tightened her grip on his arm, "I suggest you take that back Henry, take it back right now before I really embarrass you in front of the whole Police Department,"

"As I said, I don't take orders from you. And don't touch me again," Henry pulled his arm away from his sister and glared at her.

She clenched her fists and returned the glare, taking a step forward.

They both swung at the same time, luckily for Henry his sister always attacked with a right hook first so he easily deflected it and hit her in the gut.

She groaned in pain and brought her knee up hitting Henry in the groins. He fell forward and head-butted his sister making her fall backwards.

Henry was about to put his foot on her chest when the Yellow Stone Police chief walked out of his office, "Hernandez! Get in here! Bring your sister to, now!"

Henry groaned before walking into his bosses office, and a few seconds later his sister walked in and stood by the door.

"Thanks for coming Special Agent Seyferth, sorry to make you come here on your vacation. Hope your husband isn't too mad,"

"It's okay, sir. He understands."

Hernandez, you and your sister will be working with another officer and a detective. You and your sister can choose the officer, but I get to choose the detective, understood?"

Henry nodded and looked out his bosses door window, "We want Jonathon Bledsoe, sir." He looked back at his boss, "If that's alright with you."

"That is fine, I'll send the detective over to your house later today and you can tell him everything he needs to know about Skinner,"

"Yes, sir. I'll be waiting to meet him."

"Until further notice you and Special Agent Seyferth take Bledsoe down to your house and go through Skinner's file. Fill Agent Seyferth in about him before my detective get's there."

"Yes, sir" Henry walked out of his bosses office, told Jonathon what going on and left the YSPD.

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