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Everyone can smile, but it takes more than a face to smile for real. Everyone can laugh, but it takes more than a joke to laugh like you mean it.

Everyone can listen, but it takes more than ears to understand. Everyone can love, but it takes more than just saying it to know what it truly means.

Everyone has a heart, doesn't mean they know how to use it. Everyone is afraid of something, everyone is hurting in some way, but we don't understand it.

What if our scars make us strong? What if our fears make us brave?

What if our weaknesses make us something we never knew we could be, what if our flaws and imperfections make us more than what we see? What if we could all understand?

Understand that her smile is a mask, she's hiding all her pain behind it. Understand him, his laugh is fake, he doesn't want to let you in or let you go, so he pretends.

What if we accepted each other because we knew how everyone felt inside, what if understanding is the key to accepting?

What if we could just understand the difference between a fake and a real smile, laugh, love, life? We all want acceptance, so why do we decline those who stand in pain right before us?

Those suffering for reasons only evil could explain.

Maybe it's because we all know pain more than we wish to, maybe it's because helping someone suffering from the same things we did would bring back the memories,

the endless nights of flooded faces and pain, the tortured leftover scraps that are left from our devoured hearts,

all those scars left behind from the ones that took us lower than we could have ever dreamed existed.

Maybe it's because it takes a little more than just being their friend to save them from their clinging demons. It takes a battle, a war unable to win alone, patience, love, and trust.

It takes courage to travel to someone else's world, to help win someone else's war. Maybe it's because we simply can't understand.

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