The sound of thunder
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By Tokumei and Narutoisawesome, we hope you all enjoy!

The sound of thunder

By Tokumei and Narutoisawesome

Can you hear the sound of thunder beating loudly in my heart,

The painful words and shattered dreams of the broken ones cover me in bruises and scars,

Left in the dark,

Fighting a fight I was meant to lose from the start.

Although I carry my tragic past day by day hoping for the pain to be gone,

I know deep in my heart that it won’t be long,

As the demons begin to possess my mind,

I patiently wait for the pain to unwind,

Slowly overtaken by an inevitable darkness,

Crashing into walls, drowning in sorrow,

My lungs still scream for air,

But I can’t find solid ground anywhere,

Thrusting my arms up in an attempt to free myself from these chains,

An anchor pulling me down further and further the light disappears

I’m nowhere to be found

Lost in the storm stampeding through my head,

The winds swirls, the branches snag at my ever fading hope

Every move every breathe only makes it worse,

The shadows hold me down pinning me to the ground giving darkness the opportunity to strike

My blood pours from my broken veins,

Pooling upon the ground,

Staining the grass a crimson color,

Can’t apologize, unable to rise, caught in a web of lies as I foolishly believed your words, the only thing I can hear are my unheard cries,

I’m a puppet on your string,

You're forcing me to sing words that strip me of my skin and break me from within,

Down to bone and dust, I stand alone in the shadow of the unknown,

Needing light where there is none, needing hope where there is no love,

Hopeless and afraid, I’m unable to move past your murderous ways

I’m unable to move past the murderous words of the ones you’ve torn to shreds, pleading for help,

I’m stuck in a rut,

Caught in the web you cautiously weaved in the dark until it met perfection to catch your prey,

I was so easy to sway down into the dim alleyway can’t avoid the cards you played

you had set your trap and I fell in

I can’t believe I let you win

Can you hear the sound of thunder beating loudly in my broken heart,

these are the scars you left from the poisonous words you used to strike,

You forced me into a storm that lays in an uncontrollable path,

Oh, but don’t you worry,

Don’t you fret,

I’ll be here to drag you down in the silence you created,

There's no escaping no retracing,

You had your try now it's my turn to watch you slowly die!

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