The difference between two worlds
The difference between two worlds  stories

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I hope you like this one too. Me and and my friend Mekiah wrote this one together, she wrote the happy one and I wrote the depressing one. mine started with teardrops.

The difference between two worlds

Raindrops, clock goes tick tock. When your dreams come alive you're unstoppable. Running with the wind. Flying through the clouds. In a swirl of flashing lights soaring to new heights.

Sparking like fireflies. Lighting up the night. Moving mountains with a single word. Rushing like rivers making our way. Standing overhead looking out onto the world. Here we are.

Make your dreams come alive. It’s the start of a brand new day. Breath in, breath out. It’s your life so go fight for your dreams. Go win in your heart. Go step up.

Teardrops, clock goes tick tock. When your nightmares come alive there’s no one to help you survive the night.

Running from lightning, falling through the cloud just to splatter on the ground, a full heart shattered once again full of bandages bleeding from within.

A swirl of darkness causing my heart to decay, bringing me down under the crashing waves. Slashing my arms to fight for my release.

Crushed by mountains layed on top of me by the words of my fears. Drowning in the river of blood staining the world a color of red.

I close my eyes and all I see is the battlefield where I live, fighting for my life every day. This is where I am. Stuck in a war zone. Searching for a new home.

One that will give me dreams to help me win this war in my tattered heart. What a fantasy. It’s getting harder to breathe in, but I can breathe out to feel empty inside.

the air is ripe with my blood. My life’s been taken by the demons of this consistent nightmare. I can’t get free.

I’m no longer in control, my head’s spinning, the light’s fading, my heart’s taken to the world of nightmares. I’ve been beaten, I’m forced to fall when my heart wants to fly. Goodbye. Farwell.

To the world I no longer know. Goodbye. Farwell. There's nothing left to tell.

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