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This poem isn't about doing drugs or overdosing. So for those that don't wanna read for that reason, please give it a try.


One at morning, one at night. The pills are meant to help? Heh, I haven't noticed a change. I can go to school crying but no one would notice.

"Are you ok?" Yeah, I am but only if you believe it. Cast the line hoping for a bit of happiness to get caught so just maybe I can smile for real, just once.

It's a gamble but I need it, every time I throw it in I pull out even more disappointment. They all say the same thing, they all act the same way, they're all the same it never changes.

One at morning, one at night. These pills aren't helping me. I still feel empty inside, hollowed out by nothing at all. There's no reason to feel this way but I do.

My life is fine, I have more than most people do, but it doesn't feel like that. Loving mom, loving dad, loving family. It doesn't change a thing. I act happy so I don't let them down.

I take the pills to help me stay "happy." One at morning, one at night. These pills aren't helping me remember how to smile for real. I can't do it anymore.

They tell me I'm alright, but they don't understand the pain. They don't understand how I feel, they haven't felt it first hand. They still have the audacity to tell me I'm alright.

one at morning, one at night. These pills are fake, my smiles are fake, I'm fake, I don't want to be. I can't change the cards my life has been dealt.

Pills can't make me smile, pills can't help me to be happy, pills can't help me be anything but fake. For once I wish I could be real. Smile for real. Be happy for real.

Be the real me I know I once was. That part of me was cut out and lost a long time ago. I can't be that person, she's gone. Pills can't get her back.

I've lost myself and taking pills isn't making it better, it's a lie they don't work so why do I still take them? Answer? Just cause I'm lost doesn't mean I can't hope for myself to be found.

I still hope, I still wish, I still dream that these pills will help me find myself.

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