Dark waters
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Dark waters

These dark waters are made up of all my tears and all my lies, "everything's good, I'm doin' just fine.

" but each day I drown deeper in this pool of misery, quick put on a smile, don't let them see that everything you say is all just a dream. come on now let's go, back to reality.

If you could live in your thoughts and have all your dreams you'd be happy, but you wear a fake smile for people to see, cuz they'll never realize you're not as you seam.

living in dark waters is harder than it looks, you can't get help from a teacher or a book.

You have to teach yourself how to swim and how to survive and dodge all the curveballs and all of the lies.

If they hit you'll feel like you're being stabbed with knives, and trust me it's rare for you to mentally survive. You'll put up walls and try to hide, hide how you truly feel deep inside.

Trusting again will be pretty much impossible, so I know that you'll try to do what you think is logical.

You'll keep your feelings locked inside so you don't get hurt, you'll keep away from the fire so there's no risk for you to get burnt.

You'll keep the key to your heart locked away in your brain cuz you know at least that will keep you from risking more pain.

On the outside, I know that I look completely normal, but that's cuz these dark waters hide the fact that I'm on the border.

I'm about to fall through an unknown endless air with the hope that I won't be forgotten due to the fact that no one cares.

Sorry this is me and I know it's hard to believe but someday I hope and pray that people will open their eyes and see, that these kinds of situations can't be solved by their armies,

in an effortless attempt, depression will win the war cuz he fought til no more armies could fight anymore.

We'll all sit back and watch as time tick-tocks on the clock, day by day goes by and no one's attempted to make it stop.

Pain still rushes through the air cuz these people just don't care that everything we love is about to be undone.

We have the chance to save the world but no one even bothers, guess it's our own fault that this world's drowning in dark waters.

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