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I know it may seem long but it has a tremendously great meaning that I'd like you all read.


Jingle bells ring like music to our festive ears,

Christmas trees light up the night-filled living rooms,

The lights streaming carelessly lined across the housetop to let everyone know you are one to celebrate Christmas,

Colors of red, colors of green all mixed together to show a bright gleam,

The tree brightly shining casts away the dark leaving a ravishing love to light a quick spark,

Though who would have thought the bulbs on the tree would carefully leave your stolen heart at ease,

The pounding excitement flooding your mind to awake with a tree full of presents you'll find,

But it's not what you see under the tree it's the love in the air brought by your irreplaceable family,

Jump on their beds scream out your heart awake them for this Christmas's journey to start,

Though one person you'll see is already awake the air infused with the smell of the rolls that she baked,

That was most of the reason everyone else woke up so away to the kitchen you would all gallop,

Finish your food before all the rest make sure their eating speed is put to the test,

When all the food was eaten and chairs were set out you'd vociferate "PRESENT TIME!!" without a doubt,

Moving to the living room and dividing the presents you look around the room to make sure everyone's present,

When you see they're all here and they give permission to start you tear open your first present with a loudly beating heart,

To find everything you asked for at the end of your turn what the other people wanted you got to learn,

When everything was opened and afternoon rolled around out to the snow you ran then crashed down,

Saved by the millions of flakes on the ground snowballs were made and thrown all around,

The snow is cold to the touch yet warm to your heart as the memories awaken you like an alarm,

You play for a while then with a chill you return to the house with warmth you will be filled,

A cup of hot chocolate made just for you and a movie on the TV to enjoy with it too,

As you sit with your family and watch "The Grinch" calmness and joy in your heart start to pinch,

A lovely feeling you wish would never leave though you know it will be back next Christmas eve,

The day continues and lunch time is here eat up your food then play board games something you hardly do once a year,

Nighttime falls too fast on this day but awake until morning you will stay,

playing with and admiring the things that you got your plan to stay up was an easy plot,

Your family spent just one more night in the morning you all said goodbye,

Though the break would forge on the next Christmas was not far to come along,

Though through this poem I would like to express not only my Christmas happiness,

But let's take this time to acknowledge those whos Christmas's never change from alone,

those stuck in their hearts fighting in a war zone those forging on with no home,

For those who don't get the gifts that we do cause their parents don't treat them like they're supposed to,

The ones half-ignored by the whole world when one simple thing could change the absurd,

A life that's been put underneath all of ours when to the lord we all love calls us equals yet we're cowards,

To those who didn't ask for what we did because we already had what they wanted,

All they asked for was parents to tuck them into bed to fill their hearts will love and dreams in their head,

They don't get what they ask for yet we do and we blow it off like garbage from a trash fallen loose,

Would we change our ways if we looked into their eyes and saw not only what lays on the outside,

They're broken more broken then we can take credit for pulled away from life by the high tide and cast away from the shore,

So far gone and lost in a careless world all we do is say a few short words,

Actions speak louder than words their pain is more than we could ever hurt,

Take this time to acknowledge them they're broken beyond end.

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