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Hope you like this one, I wrote it while i felt it which makes it even better. In my opinion at least.


I just want to talk to you in a quiet place. Somewhere I won't be interrupted. I want you to understand me, and everything I tell you.

I want to open up to you and let you know everything that I feel right now. I have so much going on and no one to talk about it with. I'm alone in this.

I want to cry in front of you and let you know I'm in pain. I need your open arms to help me through this. I need your comfort and support.

I need your understanding and your kind and gentle words to rest softly in my ears. I want you to listen as you've never listened before.

Like nothing else matters in the world but what I have to say. I want you to help me, hold me in your arms. Keep me there and never let me go, never let me fall from your embrace.

I want your love and calmness to fill the absence of the chaos and stress of which I wish to be gone. I want so much, can't you make it real? I want your fingers to gently stroke my hair.

I want your careful heart to show me all your love, let it wrap itself around me until I feel nothing else.

Let my head lay upon your lap as I close my eyes and drift off into a slumber of which I will finally feel calm. Sleeping in your arms I'll have no worries left to wear.

But I can't, I am lost in a world where I can not speak what I feel, I can not say what wish to say. These feelings are not mine to let you hear, but rather owned by my heart.

It speaks for itself, it makes its own decisions, and it holds my feelings captive. It won't let me ask your help because it's scared that you will run. And it'll be more broken than before.

It knows you've gained its trust but this seems more than you can handle. I'm not free to speak what my heart won't let me. I'm not free to let you know what my heart doesn't want you to.

I'm not free to ask your help when my heart is too scared of what might happen. I'm not free to make what I want, come true because my feelings are held captive in my heart.

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