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This wall is one they'll never get past.

Never see what's on the other side.

Never know how I feel inside.

Never understand what lies deeper than anyone could ever travel.

Three layers of thorn-filled walls, a field of dangers covering every inch, the ground is nowhere to be seen. A pool of acid 12 feet deep and 15 feet wide.

Blood stained battlegrounds from those who tried to get in, but instead entered a gruesome future awaiting their arrival.

A coldblooded beast unknown of its existence, one, two, three, four, too many to count.

I've designed this wall so that nothing big or small could stand a chance, you wouldn't even have the slightest advantage of getting through the front yard.

Guards align at the front gate with every weapon to have ever walked the face of the earth and every weapon that has yet to be invented. So come on in, I dare you.

Brake the barrier I've surrounded myself with. I won't mind, and don't worry darling, I don't bite, but my friends do. YOU WON'T SEE A WHITE FLAG HERE.

If you so much as crack it, maybe I'll let you live through the first round.

If you get through, congrats! you don't have to be killed by monsters, but I doubt you'll be so lucky when you're inside.

My demons will devour you and I mean, I can't blame them, they're practically starving in there. If you manage to get past them. I have some fun for you in the final round.

How'd you like to see my dragons? They're just dying to eat you, oops! did I say eat, haha, I meant meet you. I'm sure you'll find their hospitality quite intriguing.

I can't promise you anything but an apple in your mouth surrounded by veggies on a silver platter. But like I said, do come in! We've been dying for your arrival, don't cower in the doorway.

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