A place of many teeth
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A place of many teeth

Down there you'll find an unforgiving past, where the air is filled with toxic dreams forgotten to the breeze. Where the dark swallows up every star and ray of cold moonlight and warm sunshine.

Where the memories murder and stalk their pray with no mercy nor drop of kindness and love.

And the hate floods the earth and tears hearts to shreds and watches as the screams drown out the singing birds up above.

Where fear calls it's home to rest upon and feast on ones fallen down unable to climb to their feet, ones that gravity has taken out.

Where cold can't be embraced and shivers are never too far from those who say they're just passing through.

Down there You'll find a bloodthirsty pain that owns no shape, no name, and no soul yet remembered by all who encounter it.

The stairs painted black like that of the darkest you can imagine and always hidden from all who enter. Where swamps house monsters feared by dead and undying.

Demons roam unbound by any rule or law and their bloody teeth are never hidden. Rainbows of black never shine a color and skies never fade from grey.

Blade-like branches snag on fearful pray as they run for their lives like mouse and cat.

Dark water crashes against boats breaking them down and sinking sailors unaware they wouldn't be able to cross this ocean and all of its rage.

Shadows creep in lowest of places to snatch those who left their backs turned. When night falls claws are unleashed and the silence is louder than death.

So far under the ground a world of torture so hidden even those who are caught in the trap don't know where they are.

Lost and afraid running and hiding, no matter what they do they can not change the fact that they aren't at the top of the food chain anymore, down there, you'll find a hunter,

and when you see him you'll know... in a place of many teeth... YOU are the hunted.

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