Chapter 4: Comfort (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 4: Comfort
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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When I entered my class, I was greeted by something unexpected. "Are you fine?"


Chapter 4: Comfort (Consecutive Goals)

When I entered my class, I was greeted by something unexpected.

"Are you fine?"

"What happened to you?"

"How are you?"

Those are the lines I haven't and wanted to hear for a long time. This occurrence made me happy that people cared for me.

Even if they only cared for that moment, it will still make me happy.

Confidence: 5% -> 15%

"I'm fine, no need to think about it."

I said this sentence while letting out a genuine smile.

"Continue your introduction to the class while there are no teachers."

"Everyone gather around, this guy is about to continue his introduction to us!"

Jeremy seems to be an extrovert, he has a good amount of confidence and I envy him for that. He seems to be popular in our class.

If I were to vote for class president, there is a high chance in him being elected.

If I refuse his request, I will end up leaving another bad impression in the class.

It's best for me to agree.

As I walked towards the front, I was impressed that I wasn't shaking. My confidence must've increased. I wonder if this confidence is enough to keep me going on in life.

Their eyes don't look like they're judging me at all.

Are they interested in me? No, lower your expectation Philip, you don't want to end up shaming yourself.

"My name is Philip Ruggrazer, I'm a 13 years old boy who (reads manga for a living) like reading other forms of literature."

"I still don't know what I would like to be in the future."

Wow, did I really pull that off. I'm impressed.

"I suggest you become an engineer."

"No, you should become a pilot."

"Aren't the tuition fees on that course expensive?"

The class started suggesting professions one after another.

This made me joyous knowing that these people no, I mean my classmates cared for me. For a long while, I haven't felt this kind of comfort inside the school.

From now on this will be my checkpoint on aiming my goal.

Confidence: 15% -> 20%

Oh yeah, I haven't formally apologized to Mio yet.

It's lunch, she should be at the cafeteria.

After searching for some time I finally found her.

That's weird, Mio has a hot, no, cute? My words cannot describe how her face looks. My best attempt at describing her is that she has a cute and hot side.

Back to the topic, even though she has that face, why is she alone.

Well here goes nothing.


After she made eye contact with me, she quickly stared back at the table as if she was avoiding me.

That incident probably degraded her dignity as a woman.

"Thank you for accompanying me to the clinic."

Still no response?

"That incident that happened in the train, I'm sorry, I must have probably trampled your dignity as a woman."

This caught her attention.

Should I explain what happened before that event or should I ask her to allow me to explain. If I were playing an Erogam- I mean a Dating Simulator, what is the best option.

Being a gentleman should be better but I don't have to over do it.

"Would you allow me to explain what happened before that."

She nodded. Nice, a girl that listens first to what others might say, plus she is a silent one like me. I might fall in love with her.

I explained to her what happened before that with much detail as possible with an exception on how I described her butt cheeks.

After all that explanation, all I got in return was a chuckle.

Mio's chuckle caught me off guard and it felt like my heart skipped a beat.

What I just witnessed is her cute side, damn she's cute.

I took her chuckle as a positive response otherwise she'll be calling me a liar.

I still feel like I owe her something or does my mind and heart are making excuses for me to see her.

Anyways, today I've made a huge progress. I don't have to worry about messing up myself in front of the class.

I let out a deep sigh while appreciating the things that happened to this day.

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