Chapter 17: Self-control (Consecutive Goals)
Chapter 17: Self-control
(Consecutive Goals) psychological stories

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I forgot to say the exact time when they should be arriving. I sent a message to Jeremy about my address while Mio knows about my whereabouts. For now I'll just play games while waiting for them.


Chapter 17: Self-control (Consecutive Goals)

I forgot to say the exact time when they should be arriving. I sent a message to Jeremy about my address while Mio knows about my whereabouts.

For now I'll just play games while waiting for them.

I finished skimming the story last night so I comprehend the main plot of the story. The only thing I need for now is a verification on my understanding.

After the confirmation, I can start my move.

In contrast, my mind is all foggy today since reading it took a considerable amount of time and brain cells. My thinking skills today are dull.

*knock* *knock*


"Is Jeremy here yet?"


Wow, Mio looked like she's going on a vacation.

"How long do you plan to stay here?"

"After we finish the script."

"You sure? Judging by the bump of your bag, looks like you're gonna stay here for a week."

Oh no, I was just jesting and accidentally triggered her. I need to be careful of what puns that would come out of my mouth.

"It's been a while since I did a sleepover, it can't be helped."

"Sorry, my bad. Should we wait for Jeremy or start right away?"

"Let's wait for him."

I'm bored, I'm done cleaning my room and washing the dishes. I completed all the quests in the game the day before yesterday so there's really nothing for me to do now.

A message from Jeremy?

Jeremy (sent 8:19): The engine of our vehicle got busted just before we are about to depart.

Repairment will take a day or two, luckily there is a motel nearby so I won't be arriving today and tomorrow or worse, I'll be absent on Monday.

Well this will be a pain in the head.

Philip (sent 8:20): Public transportation is an option you know?

Jeremy (sent 8:20): Only my dad knows the way back. Taking public transportation might give us the trouble of getting lost.

Philip (sent 8:21): If so, then sorry for being rude. Be careful out there.

Jeremy (sent 8:21): Thanks for worrying, just be sure not to do anything weird with Mio.

Philip (sent 8:21): I swear.

After explaining Jeremy's situation, this leaves the two of us alone in this project.

Thus started off by describing what I understood from the story although the reply I got wasn't pleasant to the ears.

"Sorry, I didn't really pay much attention when we were creating the story."

Those words are music to the ears of the gods who hate me. There's no backing out since we have gotten this far. I'll just simply guess my way to the finish line.

It took us around 14 hours to finish cleaning the story. While I polish every line I read, Mio suggested events here and there.

The outcome was a masterpiece with an exception of a certain area. It was a lackluster ending although I have a solution for that.

However, the solution I have is pretty troublesome to handle, and I need a safe play alternative.

"Mio, do you think that a kiss scene is allowed?"

"It is allowed, as long as our classmates are ok with that."

To make things secure, I'll create an alternative. The alternative will have a lesser impact on the audience but it should do its intended purpose.

My focus was all centered on my job and I didn't notice that it's already 11 PM. Usually, at this time I would start to get drowsy.

The stress I acquired from extensive thinking must've kept my momentum.

"Mio did we have our dinner?"

"You already forgot? By the way, isn't your mother coming home?"

"No. She's on a business trip."

I knew it, my head isn't working properly. Rest is what I need and rest is what I'll do. This is gonna be a deep slumber.

"Where do you want to sleep? In my room or the living room."

"Living room."

"I'll go get a blanket for you."

Now that my focus scattered, I started to feel the ambient temperature going down at an exponential rate.

My center of attention was the story, this resulted in me disregarding the cold nor heat.

"Here's a blanket. It's late so you should also start to sleep."

What people said is true. A bed is more enjoyable when a person is tired. My room is my haven, the warmness coming from my bed is making me detect a sense of safety. Goodnight my consciousness.

*knock* *knock*

"What do you need?"

"Can I sleep in your room? It's too cold in the living room and I can't sleep."

There is no room for a cushion to be placed and the only option is my bed. I'm too exhausted to think so I'll let this pass.

"Fine. I'll sleep in the living room. Goodnight Mio."

Why did I let her sleep in my room again? Is my mother's room available?

Nope, it's locked and I don't know where the keys are. I'll just sleep on the couch. Goodnight again my consciousness.




*knock* *knock*

"Can I sleep in my room?"


Shit that was cold. I underestimated the temperature. Didn't the weather forecast give some warning?

Wait, I remember that they actually gave a warning. The freezing breeze awoke me and my drowsiness left. To make matters worse, We're sharing the same bed and blanket.

As a manchild, this excites and worries me. Mio and I aren't in a relationship yet we are sharing something that only lovebirds should do.

I guess it's' fine as long as we're not doing anything wrong. But this situation is really unsettling.

I feel something on my back near my shoulder and it has an obscure shape. The sensation on my back makes me uncomfortable, should I? No, I must remove it.

A bra? This isn't my mother's (why would my mother's bra be here anyway) so this must mean that the owner of this bra is...

"Your look on my bra isn't the one I expected."

Is she staring at me the whole time? I'm starting to feel really anxious about my next possible move.

"Why did you even remove your bra in the first place."

"It's starting to become difficult to breathe."

There are two reasons why Mio is having a hard time to breathe. It's either she's gaining weight or her chest is maturing. I'll avoid the topic about her chest.

"Seems you're gaining weight. Keep it up."

"No! It's just my boobs!"

A straightforward answer I wasn't expecting. Silence persists while my consciousness is still fully awake.

"Are you hard?"

What kind of question is that? Is she provoking me? For now, I'll give her intimidating answers to make her stop.

"Of course. If you're sharing a bed with someone who's in the opposite gender of yours, wouldn't that arouse you?"

She was flustered by my answer. My plan is working. I'll keep replying to her in that way.

"So that is why you are covering it."

That's it, she crossed the line. If this keeps going, I might do something bad. I need to stabilize the situation. I'll use my wits to subdue her acts.

"Then stop looking at my private part."

"Says the man who touched my breast."

"Listen, what will you do if I lost my self-control and raped you?"

"You can't rape me."


"It isn't considered rape if the partner is also willing."

Just what in the goddamn hell is Mio thinking. Did she smack her head on a hard surface so hard that she forgot to value her dignity as a woman.

No matter how I try, her guard is always down which makes me ill at ease seeing her around different men. Who's responsible for this, her mother, father or perhaps she herself caused this.

"Mio, listen to me carefully. I'm making you keep your guard up no matter who you're around with. There are many people, especially men who have low self-restraint on this matter.

If some other person were in my situation, their self-control already broke just after you started provoking me and mine is about to break sooner or later. Your thinking invites trouble."

"I know that!"

"If so then why are you doing it."

"I'm only like this when I'm around you."

"Why? Why are you treating me this way."


If she knows then why is she acting differently towards me. I'm unable to understand her actions nor her thinking. I wish that Jeremy is here to neutralize the atmosphere.

"Goodnight Mio."

"Goodnight too Philip."

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