The Unexpected

naomihenry413Hey!I'm Naomi
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This is my first short story. Honestly I think it's not that bad, but I think that it needs some work. Yes, when I published it, it was like 12 am

The Unexpected

by naomihenry413

It was a Valentine's Day, She was just walking with her friend on the side walks to her home which was a small, empty house since she was moving. She was living by herself too so as she thought.

When she walked in, she was really excited to put in furniture and put it the way she wants it. She knew she was going to be here for a long period of time.

Than this guy comes in with furniture in trash bags. She didn't put her things in trash bags, she put them in cardboard boxes.

She saw someone that looked familiar. She looked closer and she saw her crush from just a year ago she never got over with, so that meant that she still has a little crush on him.

I walked up to him when we were done putting all the stuff in. I asked him what was he doing here. And he said back that he was moving here. My eyes widened as I heard his reply.

I told him right away that I was living here and that he must of been in the wrong building but I checked his paper and it said this house. I checked mine and it said this address too.

I asked him if he wanted to come to the cafe with my friend and I and he said sure. She didn't even know what she was saying. She had forgotten that she still has a crush on him. So we headed off

We got there, got what we wanted and had a short conversation but then my friend had to go. So that meant that it was only me and him...alone.

I confessed to him and turns out that we had the same feelings for each other.

We went to the fair which turned out to be a date, got to know each other better. When it turned dark outside we wanted to go on the fairus wheel . So we went and had our first kiss.

And they decided to stay together

The end

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7 months agoReply
I liked it keep writing i need to know more about your world Great stuff

tdog1614 and excited!
7 months agoReply
It was a long story smudged into a short one....didn't contain that much detail but captured the important parts...making it a story people want to read when they have little me right now!

naomihenry413Hey!I'm Naomi
7 months agoReply
@bernardtwindwil I know there was I was tired. Plus it was like 12 in the morning

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
7 months agoReply
The story was utterly charming with its naivete. I can see that you are not a polished writer. That is, for me, one of the captivating factors of this well thought out and innocently written in today's vernacular story. It was a good story. There were spelling errors. Your point of view hopped around here and there but that will come to you. Keep on writing. Great story!!!!