Love In First Sight
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naomihenry413Hey!I'm Naomi
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This is something to do at this moment I am bored but I think I did at least a little bit better than the other one

Love In First Sight

by naomihenry413

I was heading to my job, just about to cross the street.

When I was crossing the street, a bus was coming but I didn't know. A guy noticed that I was crossing while a bus was coming so he came sprinting as fast as he could.

That's when I noticed that a bus was honking the horn. I looked up and saw a bus. Then I felt someone push me away and hit that black, hard street. When I made eye contact with him, automatically

Had feelings for him. I thanked him and eventually started talking, got to know him more and about two months later, we started dating

That's my love story

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