He Fell Asleep
He Fell Asleep school stories

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A relaxing short story which takes place in a calm summer afternoon in a classroom.

He Fell Asleep

He was the first to finish his work in the class. It was summer and we had only half day classes and it was the last period. The sun was blazing in a soothing way.

Even though it was hot we didn't complain...the classroom was filled with the tint orange colour from the sunlight and we could hear the summer birds chirping outside.

It was so melodious to the ears. He thought for a moment took his bag and began to search for something. And he took out a mini guitar which was just as the size of his bag.

Leaning on the wall behind and sitting cross legged on the chair and closing his eyes he began to start playing it...he was not singing...just the music from the guitar.

It was so perfect for a summer afternoon...slow...calming...and yet so beautiful. For the next 2 mins the whole class was caught in that music....and as the music was nearing its end...

it stopped suddenly. The whole class turned towards him to see what happened. There, with eyes closed and head about halfway seeing the roof...He feel asleep.

A gentle smile passed through everyone's face as they turned their heads to face their notebooks once again.

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