Your Destiny

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nangelone I like writing stuff, Sometimes I share.
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Never listen to what you're told to do. It may benefit you in the short term, but when it comes to your life, only you know what you want. Take it. Make it your own.

Your Destiny

Do you remember Exactly what to study?

So did you listen To a heart, different from your own?

It won't always work You love it, or you hate it

Sat at an old desk Wondering what could've been

Carpenter...Artist Sat now, in a prison

Concrete or metal Nine to Five, you settle

Nestled among sheep Losing valuable sleep

Originally yours Was this time meant to keep

Sores on your fingers Lost to PC lights

Is what's more, truly less? For who's happy, when under stress?

I'll promise you this Sacrifice not, your selflessness

For, fulfilled you'll be As it's your destiny.

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