Preach not, What you Can't Endow
Preach not, What you Can't Endow stories

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We all have urges that sneak up on us. Whether you'd like it or not.

Preach not, What you Can't Endow

I apologize for my genes. I didn't know I'd get like this.

For addiction all but weens In times of hopelessness

Never had I asked for change But unknown sickness pounced Internally feeling so strange Issues unintentionally announced.

It kills me that I can't hide it And I'm sorry, over a thousand times Relationships steadily split I wanted to step back, over tear ridden rhymes.

I can't explain the pain I felt 100% self inflicted by choice Thinking not of anyone else Poisoning, was this internal voice.

Crying for help wasn't an option After all, I'm meant to be the successful one

To all blind, my exhaustion My genes told me that I'd be someone

If I was meant to be worth it, then why am I all alone? I hate no-one and blame no-one but myself.

Sorry that I couldn't be what you envisioned for me.

It wouldn't be the first time I've been called a failure But the grime fades by nighttime, so I can indulge in the one thing my genes hate.

And I'm so fucking sorry that my mind couldn't vacate such awful urges To indulge in what kills us, I swear I'll control it until I can't

So I'll recant my ancestors cries Just to re-size pint size troubles For you, I'll call it now Preach not, what you can't endow.

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