__________________________________ THANK YOU, MY DEAR __________________________________

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nandini10Round and flat but not straight and flat
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Thank you, my dear people
For those who are important to me and a big gift to me😊😊

__________________________________ THANK YOU, MY DEAR __________________________________

Thank you, Dear Mother For giving me birth, On this very earth. For you are the one Who cares for me more than anyone. Thank you, Dear father For being my best friend, guide And mentor. For all you have done for my glorious future.

Thank you, Dear brother You might be very naughty, But you never made me feel lonely. Thank you, my love For you are the one Who showed me how beautiful life is.

Thank you, Dear friend For you are the one Who proved that A friend in need Is a friend indeed. Thank you ,Dear Teacher For giving me the chance To explore myself, And making me What I am today

Thank you, Dear Neighbours and Relatives For being there To help and support The family of mine In good and bad times

Finally, thank you Dear God For giving me a place In this world, For gifting such wonderful souls in my life And keeping me as fit as a fiddle. Thank you, every single person In my life For guiding and inspiring me In each and every step of mine. ---------------------------------------

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