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Julian took a deep breath and a long look. He wanted to inhale all the beauty that was in front of him at once. He couldn’t believe it. Finally, after years of searching and following tales, at last, he had found it.

The land of gods

Julian took a deep breath and a long look. He wanted to inhale all the beauty that was in front of him at once. He couldn’t believe it.

Finally, after years of searching and following tales, at last, he had found it.

The land of gods, where there were trees of pink glass, giant flowers in purple and blue.

And the sky was the most beautiful shade of blue he’d ever seen. The grass was the loveliest green he ever knew​. This was it. Finally, he had found the land of gods.

He heard the rest of his crew following him but didn’t let that distract him. All of his men were scattered​ in the field of colourful flowers and beautiful trees.

This place​​​ and all the tales that he’d heard from it was the reason that he wanted to become a sailor. Ever since he was just a boy, he had dreams of finding this place.

The place of unlimited treasure, beauty, and immortality. Tales had it that anyone who had drank from its water, or have eaten from its food, will be immortal.

The place where the children of gods have been believed to live.

This was also one place on the earth that once in a while, gods would come down to see mortals. Heroes would come here to ask favours of the gods. Of course, he was no hero.

In fact, he was sure people would argue he is the exact opposite of it. After all, he was a pirate. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop him from wanting to become immortal.

While he and his men were searching through the field of pink and purple flowers, he was drown by a beautiful and captivating voice of music. He followed the voice.

Then he found them. A group of loveliest people he’d ever seen, were dancing and singing. He couldn’t recognise the instrument of music, but it was beautiful, and sad at the same time.

There was something extremely tragic about the song that the beautiful singer was singing. However, he couldn’t tell, because he couldn’t understand the language.

After a while, he guessed that these group of people have noticed them. So, he went ahead to introduce himself. There was throne like, big chair, and a women with long dark hair, siting on it.

He guessed she should be the leader of this group. So he decided to talk to her first.

Julian went ahead, showed curtesy and introduced himself and his group.

The women offered them a table and chairs to sit and enjoy the fist.

All the other people, wore dresses in different colours, and were dancing and celebrating.

While his men were either dancing or eating, or talking to these new people, he didn’t take his eye of the singer. And then, he started to notice the rest of the group.

There was something strange about this people. The same tragic tone in her voice, perhaps with a milder tone, was echoed in the rest of the group.

So when the singer was done, he approached her, with a curtesy.

“ That was a very lovely song, my lady”

She smiled “ thank you. It was always nice to have fresh ears for my songs “

She was obviously trying to sit herself and have something to eat. But he wasn’t about to leave her alone.

“ But I couldn’t help but notice the tragic air. Of course, I can’t understand the language. May I ask what was the meaning ? “

She ignored her eating for a second and said

“ Yes, it was a sad song. It was about a girl who was exiled into an island, to never leave there again. And to live there forever, as an immortal. “

He couldn’t help but notice, “ you seem to relate to that. Is it the story of someone you know ? “

She looked at him with something similar to pity.

“ It’s the story of all of us. We can’t leave here, and we don’t die of old age or sickness. “

He took another look around himself. Of course, these people were the children of gods. He had heard the stories, but didn’t know that it was some sort of prison. For them. Or was it only them?

With the newly found horror that was taking over his body, he asked “ you mean, you and your people are not allowed to leave this place. Right? “

“ No, I mean anyone that steps into this island, cannot leave. “

He took another look at his surroundings. The beauty that first he thought he saw, had vanished this time. All was left was the sorrow of a sad people. Sorrow from the cursed of the cruel gods.

The land that he once thought would be heaven, was nothing but a prison now. The beauty was only a glamour, to hide what horror lied beneath. This wasn’t the land of gods.

This was the land of the poisonous beauty and unlimited sorrow.

The end.

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