And She Smiles...
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namithaCommunity member
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I still smile:)

And She Smiles...

With clouded smoke as my crown Bejewelled with disappointment and regret I stand here screaming without a sound For fear that I may choke upon my own head

A dull fire burns within Once pure but now bringing up thick fumes From the toxic waste I have fed it My heart that it readily consumes

Empty promises, half hearted hopes Broken dreams, plastic words and fake truths They say these things will fuel my soul But they all just result in more soot

I know once extinguished, the air will clear And I will see the sky once more But I feed these dying embers with fear That I may lose what I never really owned

So I suffocate and tremble Calling for help but refuse Choking, shivering and stumble Becoming more and more subdued

Save your words of wisdom And your looks of pity and disdain Becauses these voices, they don’t listen And they breathe off the pain

To kill the flame is to kill me My humour, facade, they crumble too So would you rather have a dead girl smiling? Or wilted flowers so drained they may never bloom?

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