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Just a poem


He made me smile, happy But one day he just left

Didn't have a reason Didn't have an explanation

Just left No apology Nothing

I loved him He loved me

Feelings weren't mutual when he left

But are they?

I feel free now, that he's gone

I don't wake up everyday Thinking I'm going to say something wrong

Thinking he's talking to someone better

I'm my own person I can actually breathe

I had some kind of desire That I needed to be with him to be happy

But that wasn't true at all

I just didn't want to be alone

I was very sad with him

I thought he needed to fill a hole I had

But I didn't have a hole as big as I thought

And truth is, it's not all that bad Being alone, to yourself

You don't have to worry about anything

Just me, myself, and I

I'm glad you found someone new I hope she makes you happy

That's all I ever wanted for him, happiness

I didn't do that great of a job

But I tried

I'm sorry

But I'm happy

I found someone new too

He makes me smile, happy

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