There was a time when they tried.
There was a time when they tried.
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nalialu writing some depressing love stories
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love beyond death.

There was a time when they tried.

From talking at night in the starlight to walking hand in hand on sunny days. They were in love.

One of them took it upon herself never to leave the other alone, to keep her close because she was afraid of losing her. While the other was destined to feel further and further away from her other half.

They both loved each other, there was no doubt.

One night, one of the two left the house in the early morning and walked to the lake in the village. She walked with her bare feet touching the wet grass. Her other half, walked beside her as always.

And when the bubbles in the lake disappeared, when they were both covered to their hair, she finally felt close to her other half. Until her breathing stopped and their hands let go of each other. Love was real.

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