The Media Should Not Define You: Chat With MOVE Co-Founder Ashley Olafsen
The Media Should Not Define You: Chat With MOVE Co-Founder Ashley Olafsen stories
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The Media Should Not Define You: Chat With MOVE Co-Founder Ashley Olafsen

by nakurane

Who is she?

Ashley is a college student at UMass Amherst and an entrepreneur who will be doing big things in the near future.

Why should you know who she is?

Ashley led her first empowerment workshop at the age of 16 and she seeks to make an impact on women all over the world with her company, MOVE.

What is MOVE?

MOVE facilitates workshops and programs that focus on body image, self confidence, and mental health stigmas.

To the interview...

Was there any one experience that influenced you to start?

Well, I feel like there’s no reason I can’t do what I do. There’s a strong obligation. Why stay silent? I’ve been affected by so many issues and have seen my friends experience them as well.

Who did you reach out to to implement the summer program?

Similar to the workshops, I reached out to my guidance counselor who directed me to a middle school vice principal

How did you get the chance to speak at MassCUE?

I went to a great public school and the principal sent out newsletters (which inspired me to create my own). One of them mentioned a TedX-style conference for which I applied to and got in

Does anyone question that they’re being led by a peer?

Actually, one of the reasons I’m given so much respect is my age. It lets people relate.

How did you get guest speakers?

I have a newsletter that goes out where people can sign up and learn about my work but other than that I was reaching out to counselors and vice principals. Some speakers were friends!

Will you have workshops for men?

I have given a few co-ed workshops but they’re not as strong as my women-focused workshops. I've had someone reach out to me about masculinity workshops but that's still growing.

Tell me a bit about your book, Survival of the Prettiest!

When I was first writing it, I was writing it for women but then I reworked it and it has content applicable to men as well now. I was accepted by a publishing company but will be self publishing

What is your parents’ involvement in this?

My parents gave me the tools to succeed and they’ve helped me with areas that I’m not well versed in, like banking

What’s your next step?

I want to make everything bigger: grow my YouTube and newsletter following so I can really make a big impact

What’s something you would tell women to empower them?

It’s NOT mean to do what makes you comfortable. It’s NOT mean to say no to something. Also, don’t be afraid that being ambitious will make you unattractive. Learn to love yourself!

A piece of advice to anyone trying to make an impact?

I’d say to have a good attitude towards failure. You’ll only attain success through failure.

To find out more, check out her sites!

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