Challenge Accepted: A Conversation with High School HeroesX Founder Eli Wachs
Challenge Accepted: A Conversation with High School HeroesX Founder Eli Wachs stories

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Did you make an impact in your high school days?

Challenge Accepted: A Conversation with High School HeroesX Founder Eli Wachs

by nakurane

Who is Eli Wachs?

Eli Wachs is a high school senior who’s striving to make a dent in society with his High School HeroesX platform

What is High School HeroesX?

High School Heroes X is a platform that connects the community through challenges where the youth help make a difference in the environment

Who did you first talk to about executing this idea?

I shot Peter Diamandis a cold e-mail after I read his book, Abundance, and told him I love what he’s doing and I want to do it. Diamandis had been waiting for something like that to happen.

Why would a company not challenge it's own employees?

Youths have a naiveté that is both good and bad but they see problems as possible to fix whence professionals might think they’re impossible

How do you solve the problem of apathetic individuals?

We try to target the individuals who are motivated to go in and work really hard because it’s a competitive world and there are plenty of those

What's your involvement in China, where it's expanded?

I helped them create a website, put together an advisory board, and edit the guidelines for how a winner should be defined. Other than that, we have Skype calls weekly

What’s different with China compared to the US?

I’ve noticed that they take a long time to list problems and pick one but once they have a goal, they act so much differently.

If you’re going to scale further, what are your next steps?

I never want to say no to anything and keep in mind that some students do have proprietary ideas so it’s really about solving global issues and possibly getting involved in space or commercial

What have you learned through managing people?

Everybody has a skill and you have to utilize those skills. If people are coming to you for help, you may want to do everything but you have to let them help, make them feel important

What will you be doing five years from now?

I want to be fixing problems. Maybe I’ll go into politics…we have this beautifully written constitution but we don’t follow it. It's a pity people are held back because of socioeconomic rank

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