To Hurt And To Heal
To Hurt And To Heal poetry stories

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It hurts to heal...

To Hurt And To Heal

By: Kit

It hurts

I'm stuck, see the light ahead but time slows

Can't reach

Time flies, moments pass, I stay still, stuck in the bubble

The bubble of memories, the bubble of you

I want to break free, let me pop the bubble, feel the fresh air, a new pair of mischievous irises sketched in my head, not as detailed but a base for something different, something new

But I can't. I try, but the bubble is stronger, you are stronger

But when push comes to shove, I will make it happen, even if I shove myself too

Because I'd much rather get hurt by me than hurt because of you

Because in the end, that's what's left. To grieve for what we never had, so close but just out of reach inching farther back by the minute

But now, let me turn away, push the bubble away from you, if I can't pop it then let me mold it, turn it into something gentle yet loud.

Something dark yet comforting, something prickly yet soft, something hurting yet healing

Let me turn it into a bubble of me instead, I'll treasure you because you deserved it but I will not hold on any longer, a bridge goes two ways and now I'm burning the side that stayed

Yet there is still space to rebuild, a different bridge, not the same but still with the same foundation. Who knows? Maybe it might hold better than the last one

The light is far, the bubble is tight, you're still in my head, but I will resist and hope that it will all work out in the end

Because that's what matters right?

Even if it hurts.

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