Harry Potter Ships (Part 1) ~Canonical Style~
Harry Potter Ships (Part 1)

~Canonical Style~ harry potter stories

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Canonical Style!

Harry Potter Ships (Part 1) ~Canonical Style~

By: Kit (DISCLAIMER: These are just my opinions! BASED OFF OF MY PERSPECTIVE OF THE SERIES) ALSO: None of the art on here are mine! All credit goes to the original artist!

Hinny (Harry x Ginny): Rating: 3/10 Honestly I felt like it was too rushed and they didn't have any connection. These two would've been better off as "siblings" or at the most good friends.

Ronmione (Ron x Hermione): Rating: 8/10 These two are really adorable and they have that "we argue constantly but I'm secretly fond yet exasperated by you" thing going on for basically the whole series. I like it and I like them together!

Drastoria (Draco x Astoria): Rating: 6/10 There was barely any interaction between them and I felt like if I had more of a backstory on them (even as individual characters) I would be more inclined to support them. Although Draco's love for Astoria is clearly shown in Cursed Child~ <3

Neville x Hannah: Rating: 7/10 Since we never saw that much of this pair, I'm rating them about the same as Draco x Astoria. Like said, if I knew more about them and their dynamic as a whole, I would base my decision differently. They seem cute together though so I'll give them that!

Rolf x Luna Rating: 8/10 I think this is a cute one. If Rolf is anything like Newt (his relation), then he would definitely indulge Luna in her wild expeditions and theories. I can just imagine the two going on explorations in different countries together and reporting back to her father's newspaper

George x Angelina: Rating: 9/10 Actually these two would be perfect for one another. The only thing that made me knock a point off for the rating was Fred...who may or may not have liked Angelina...which just makes me sad :(

Arthur x Molly Rating: 9/10 Actually one of the cutest canonical pairings in HP! I love their dynamic and how Molly's the motherly and scolding type but she's powerful af! But Arthur is just the chill dad who gets excited over stuff like fireplaces <3

Tom Riddle Sr. x Merope Rating: 1/10 No offense to anyone but I severely DISLIKE this ship a million times over! More over, I have NOTHING against Merope (she's the reason I gave this ship a 1 instead of a zero). She was a girl who was placed in the wrong family and had to suffer for it. But I HATE Tom Riddle Sr.

Vernon x Petunia Rating: 5/10 Personally, I don't really know what to say for this one. They seem okay when they interact with one another but on the other hand, it's the DURSLEYS (besides I always see Vernon as someone with a massive temper)...so 50/50 for this one.

Lucius x Narcissa Rating: 7/10 Honestly, they're a cute pair. They work well with one another and from the interactions I've seen (and the fanfics) they seem to do well together and plus, I like these two as a pair rather than with others.

Harry x Cho Rating: 1/10 Should I really give a reason as to why I dislike this pairing?

They have no connection. Cho just cries and compares Harry to Cedric the whole time. Harry, on the other hand, is just an emotionally constipated teen who really just wanted to go out with the apparent "girl of his dreams" but didn't sign up for any of this shit Harry x Cho (cont.)

Ron x Lavender Rating: 2/10 Just too...ugh. Too clingy, too stereo-typically every jock x cheerleader type of couple. Too everything all at once (and not in a pretty way). Too much like Harry and Cho but it stretched on for longer. I added a point because they at least had some semblance of a plot (kind of...)

Dean x Ginny Rating: 6/10 Really, I would rather Ginny with Dean than with Harry. At least we got to see some scenes of them together than just mashing two random characters into some form of romance just for the sake of a childhood crush and then seeing barely ANY interaction for the rest of the series.

Remadora (Remus x Tonks) Rating: 7/10 These two are cute but since I'm a multishipper I can't say I FULLY ship them 24/7. They are a beautiful pair though and I would've loved to see more scenes of them together.

Viktor x Hermione Rating: 7/10 A total cute!! Unlike the rest of the Golden Trio's mess-up of first crushes/lovers, Hermione and Viktor are actually a something-something that I could get behind on. They're so adorable and Viktor being shy to ask Hermione to the ball and him trying to pronounce her name <3

Bill x Fleur Rating: 10/10 A match made in heaven. Fleur's badass decision (and how she said it) to still want to marry Bill even with his scars. Her dismissal of Molly and Ginny's disdain of her. And their wedding was just wow! Everything about them (including Victorie!) is just gorgeous <3

Jily (James x Lily): Rating: 10/10 Another match made in heaven and one of the few hetero ships I actually like! I cannot find anything wrong with their dynamic and their relationship. Sure, James was a toerag but that's a character issue, the ship as a whole is just wonderful and I SERIOUSLY wish we could've seen more of it.

If I missed anyone please let me know! Also, let me know what you think about these ships in the comments!!! :)

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