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nabi You shine When moon rise, it's your time
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Random Thoughts

If nothing else, I like to write without thinking so much

I'd like to look back at my work and feel proud

I'd like to keep loving the things I found interest in

I'd like to succeed in love, my mental health, and my faith

I'd like to feel and love the things I discovered, again

I'd like so many things and I honestly don't think If I'm putting in enough effort.

I'll take ten steps to keep going and a million steps back when I overthink.

The things I'd like to do become impossible to reach

Have I set unrealistic goals?

Is it the fear of everyone going forward and me being in the same spot?

This time I'll take it one step at a time

People will reach their finish line. I will take my time, I will get there sometime soon.

This time I'm appreciating the little things that matter to me

This time I won't be hard on myself.

You are doing a great job.

You just started.

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