At the seashore
At the seashore poetry stories

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This isn't specifically about anyone. I wrote this thinking that someone might relate to this.

If you are reading this, listen to: V & RM-4 O'clock while reading. It gives a different experience.

At the seashore

Sitting near the seashore, the waves washed ashore the sea in front of me. What had seemed frightening at first, with its empty and large space, was now putting me at ease.

The pit black ocean was still its gentle waves were still there, leaving its print behind. My eyes traced the mark it left, getting lost in emotions and thoughts.

A sudden sadness but strange comfort washed over me as my eyes drifted to the horizon. I couldn't express this feeling, and I don't think it needed any explanation.

There were times I was trying to find a reason for every emotion. But now I find myself drifting, emotions coming up in whatever situation I'm in.

I'll find myself laughing, a moment later being quiet, only making a sudden sound when I realize I haven't heard myself. A minute goes by and I find myself crying.


I wanted to.

A moment passes by at the seashore and I find myself motivated. Suddenly, I feel like working harder than ever before, and in a blink, the emotion gets washed over by the waves.

This time I'm stepping back from reality and find myself being happy in my imagination. It's peaceful here. Being by myself doesn't seem as bad here. But I face reality again.

I'm back at the seashore with the waves washing ashore. I felt raindrops on my skin and a heavy wind blowing behind me. The gentle waves were making large movements.

The sound was getting louder. I closed my eyes and took a step back. I let out a breath. I hadn't realized I was holding. My vision turned red. When I opened my eyes, the sky was colored.

In front of me was the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. The sea was still, and I felt at peace at that moment. I heard laughter and people behind me.

A sudden warmth I felt within me

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