Jack and Jane
Jack and Jane lgbt stories

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His name was Jack And hers was Jane.

Jack and Jane

His name was Jack

And hers was Jane.

But if they learned that she existed

Their peers would all think them insane.

his life, filled with hypocrisy

Her life was filled with hate.

No one would have believed them

Until it was too late

It all depended on the day

He was the only one they knew

But what they didn't realise

Is they all knew her too

They look back at their whole life

And it made them want to cry.

They looked inside their horrid world

It brought tears to their eye.

The sight of what life had become

Their fear removed the fun,

They couldn't stay and hide anymore

But they'd nowhere to run

They just wanted to come out

But they just couldn't stand the hate.

So they went and bought six feet of rope

A stool and and dual reel tape.

Jack and Jane both died that day

Their parents were ashamed.

When others listened to their note

They learned that jack was also Jane.

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