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A “Poem” about some of my “darker” feelings

Why Me

Why is everyone telling me that it will get better

Why me

Why is everyone telling me to just put on a smile

To just pretend

To just be happy

To just let it work itself out

To just act normal

Why don't I tell anyone

Why me

Am I going insane

Will they care

Will they try to help

Will they feel sorry for me

Will they even notice

How much longer

Why me

Do I deserve it

Should they care

Should they cry for me

Should they laugh at me

Should they even bother with me

What’s the point of moving forward

Why me

Is it worth it

Why am I unhappy

Why am I mad

Why am I hurt

Why am I sad

Could I have been a mistake

Why me

Does anyone want me

To be happy

To be loved

To be cared for

To be alive again

Why do I feel so hollow

Why me

What did I do to deserve this

Deserve a stab to the heart

Deserve a slap in the face

Deserve a loop of misery

Deserve a thousand nights of no sleep

How long will it last

Why me

It could of been anyone else

Why me

Why me

Why me

Why me

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