My Friend 6/4/18
My Friend
6/4/18 serious stories
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*Trigger Warning*

My Friend 6/4/18

I have a friend Who has beautiful ideas Locked away in her head Because no one wants to listen

I have a friend Who stopped trying to speak Why talk if no one hears? Her ideas now wilted and ugly

I have a friend Who only thinks death Her savior, her prince She looks the part

I have a friend Who was pretty and beautiful I can't recognize her anymore Food no longer exists to her

I have a friend Who is Frankenstein's monster Fused together by the wrist Endless stitches but still falling Apart

I have a friend Who stopped going to school She didn't show up today I hope she's better tomorrow

I have a friend Who was on the news I would've been so proud If she was still alive

I have a friend Who everyone loves Letters and notes and tears They're all full of lies

I had a friend Beautiful and sweet That no one loved Now she's gone They're pretending to care She's finally getting their Attention My friend taught me

People only care when you're dead

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