~The call~
~The call~ science fiction stories

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~The call~

I flipped the calender from 'January 31st 3095' to 'Febuary 1st 3095'. I went to the storage room to get some snacks.

I picked 'Anaya's spectacular milk grapes' and 'Amelia's tandgarine apple mix'. I brought a bowl of milk grapes and the tangarine apple mix, while I turned on my television.

I rested my feet on the metal couch. 'Smells like trees!' is what it had said on it's tag. The only relative I know that has ever seen a tree, is my great, great, great, great grandmother.

The couch realy just smelled like cheeto puffs.

I scrolled through the channels until one channel in particular catched my eye, "Weird disk spotted at 'Greg's soda shop'.

Martha Zimmerman says, 'I was minding my own business, looking for cat food for my two hundred and twelve cats, when, BZZZZ!

A giant beam of violet light came out of a floating metal disk, started sucking up the shopping carts outside! I ran out of there as fast as my old saggy legs could handle!

And now, you kind people found me and let me inform the world about it!' Folks, either this women forgot her pills, or get ready to horde all the supplies you need!

If their is one more sighting, we'll inform everyone. Stay tuned for a surprise guest!"

Hmm, I wonder...is it maybe..? No it couldn't...what if it's aliens? Wow..that would be interesting. I head to my bedroom. I sink down into my blue bed. I fall into a deep sleep.

I am awoken by a call from a 'unknown caller'. I pick up "Hello? Who is this?" The caller replies with gibberish words like, goozwala, kaklamata, and Laqwotomihoney.

"Is this some kind of prank? Because it's not funny!" I agressivly smash the`end call' button. The same number calls again I decline. It calls again, I decline.

Call, decline, call, decline, call, decline. This repeats for three minute. Annoyed, I answer the phone, "What do you want! Speak English!" They reply with "Goozkoola.

" I hear rustling until a new, deep voice says this, "Hello!

Sorry for the commotion, Ozzle-moth dosn't know English, but I will translate what he said, 'Hello human, sorry to break it to you, but, we are going to take over your planet in thirty minutes.

Please enjoy your next thirty minutes of freedom of doing whatever you feel is needed. When we take over, your home will be replaced with our belongings.

You will have a choice you can make for yourself, One: Bow down to your new lord, Kalawalzie and be his slave or Two: be Kalawalzie's prisoner. Choose wisely! Bye Bye!" the call ended.

I sent the phone conversation to the goverment and quickly went back onto the news, "And the surprise guest is....H-wait uhm yes? Oh my..yes of coarse....erm ok i'll announce it...

Everyone! Get everyone you know to watch this show.

This is a life-or-death situation people!

Ok, now, no one panic when I say this but, basically aliens are going to take over the world, and you can either be their goverments slave, or their prisoner."

Everyone was now screaming, crying, and running. Basicaly the opposite of not panicing. I grabbed all my stuff and stuffed it into four suitcases that in total weighed 70 pounds.

I had putten a two years worth of food, a gym set that didn't need an outlet to plug in, clothes, a bucket to use the bathroom in, and lots, and lots, and lots of water bottles.

(The kind that instantly refills itself after you drink all the water in the container.) I bolted down my very long basement stairs.

When I reached the bottom, I pulled the string on the ceiling, and all these lightbulbs had turned on. There was a television that I had forgotten.

It was still in perfect condition on the bare metal wall. I looked at my timer, it had been twenty-five minutes since my phone call with the aliens....five minute left.

I looked in the televisions reflection. I saw women who was pretty skinny. She had fair skin, with beutifull emerald green eyes with curly, brown hair in a messy bun.

Wait, that was me! I start to sort everything into it's place. Suddenly, everything starts to vibrate. Theres also a noise going bzzz.

I curled up into a ball, praying it wasn't the aliens. Unfortuanately, it was the aliens. I ran out of there, leaving all my valubles and possesions.

All my anime figures! I thought sadly.

The aliens looked like green-ish blue snakes. The ugliest one though, was the purple-ish orange furless bear mixed with a fish and a penguin hybrid of somesort.

The ugly one had sludge ozzing out of it's slit like nose. It smelledlike a mix of stinky socks, throw up, a wet dog, and burned oil.

Then, the snake-like things crushed our homes, and put tubes with purple liquid in it. The purple bear-fish-penguin thing said loudly, "Who will be serving me? Raise your hand if yes. Walk over here, next to me." The people who had raised their hand (Which was way more than half of us left us) went over to their assighned spot.

Now for my prisoners, (the bear-fish-penguin thing grinned malicilously) go get into those tubes." I followed his orders, but rolled my eyes and walked slowly. The bear-fish-penguin thing saw and whispered something probably like "Put hers up at maximum pain." because the snake thing put helmets on all of us.

He put the helmet with the extra thick wires and wrapped tight, thick, sturdy rope around my helmet so it wouldn't fall off. Before the snake thing could close the door to the tube I was in, I smacked him. Then, I ran out of that place so fast, my hair catched on fire.

I didn't flinch. I got a stick, and put it into the flames in my hair. (My locks were so long, they touched my ankles, thats why it didn't touch my scalp)

I got my wand, and conjoured matshmellows. (Your probably wondering why I conjoured marshmellows. You'll see why soon.)

I yelled, "Marshmellows for the aliens! But aliens are the only ones who can eat them." The aliens gobble them down. "More, more, MORE!" They roar in fury. I conjour more marshmellows. Five minutes later, the marshmellows start to do their work.

The aliens turn into pink fluffy unicorns! They now have adorable kawaii faces, and sound adorable. Now, the alien unicorns were able to be befriended by the humans. Quickly after they were all buddies, the unicorns fixed everything and they all shared earth.

Finally, they all had hot cocalate together, with big cozy sweaters on. ~The end~

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