Warrior Cats Series Announcement!
 Warrior Cats Series Announcement! wc stories

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Warrior Cats Series Announcement!

Hey guys!!

I decided to make the Warrior Cats series as well as Wof. I thought, 'Why not?'. So here they are! - - - - - - - >

Her Strength|Part 1| WC ---------------------------------- Silverpaw just got to be an apprentice to her clan, Thunderclan. And Is worried that she won't be good enough or strong enough. She is already bad at training, hunting, and about everything. Cloudtail sends her out on a hunting patrol to help her be a better hunter. Just then she meets a young Shadowclan warrior when she gets lost and

he helps her back to the Thunderclan camp. She knows she has fallen deep in love with him which is why she meets Blackfur in secret in that same forest. At the same time that happens, Shadowclan decides to war up and fight Thunderclan, right in the middle of Leaffall. Will Silverpaw toughen up and save her clan or will she still just be known as the awful apprentice?

Untruthful Love, Untruthful Secrets|Part 1|WC ----------------------------------- Flamewing was going out to get herbs one day by Riverclan when she falls into the water and half drowns. Nightfur, a stealthy young warrior from Riverclan, and his clanmates on patrol find her and bring her back to camp.

Riverclan is not pleased but, Flamewing has major injured her paw and has to stay there for at least a week. Flamewing then feels loving feelings for Nightfur. Later on, Flamewing finds out a dangerous secret to change her future and her life.

And this cause I just thought of the idea.

And this cause I just thought of the idea. ------>

So basically the Wings of Fire crew and other characters are Warrior Cats now. There are different clans like the tribes. Sandclan, Rainclan, Iceclan, NIghtclan, Skyclan and Seaclan. Skyclan gets annoyed at The Nightclan/Rainclan and decide to plan an attack. Iceclan and Sandclan are so starved that they team up witht he Skyclan to defeat the Rain cats and Night cats.

Tell me in the comments how you feel about it. Also what should I call the new series?? Please Comment Below!! :3

How are the Warrior cats series? How do you feel about them? Comment Below!

Bye Guys!!


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