My Warriors Cats Oc's!
My Warriors Cats Oc's! warriorscats stories

mysticalmagic Sorry guys....
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These are my Warrior Cats Oc's!!! :3333333333333333333333333

My Warriors Cats Oc's!


So I just thought of my Her Strength book chapters and I thought . . . "Why don't you show them your Oc's?"

So here they are with some info about each of them . . .


Silverstripe(Silvermoon) Age: 6 moons. (Just became warrior not too long ago) Fur/eyes: Grayish-whiteish/ silver fur, blue eyes with yellow flecks. Clan: Riverclan History: Silverstripe got her scars from some foxes that almost killed her but Graystripe saw her and helped her and saved her just in time. Other: Silverpaw is her secret sister that ~>

she didn't know for a long time. Graystripe and Silverstream had Silverstripe, Feathertail, and Stormfur. Silverstream thought that she would be better in Riverclan and sent her there. Silverpaw and Silvertsripe meet when Silverpaw gets lost in the trees and meets Dewpaw and Icepaw(later in Her Strength). She changes her name to Silvermoon later because she felt uncomfortable of ~>

having the same sort of name as Graystripe. Feathertail is at least 2 moons older than Silverstripe when she was alive.


Silverpaw(Silverfur) Age: 4 moons(just became apprentice not too long ago) Fur/eyes: gray fur with dark gray stripes, bright blue eyes that glow at night. Clan: ThunderClan History: She used to be a Rogue like her parents until they joined ThunderClan. Her Mother,Blossom (Blossomclaw),

Hated Silverpaw because of looks. Blossom wanted to run away but she was pregnant and had to stay in ThunderClan until "The ungrateful, ugly brat" was born and then she would leave. Other: Silverpaw and Silverstripe(Silvermoon) are secret sisters who didn't know they were related. Graystripes 3 kits went into RiverClan when they were old enough.


Flamepaw(Flamewing) Age: 5 moons. Fur/Eyes: Flame fur with black tip at the end of her tail, green eyes with golden flecks. Clan: ThunderClan History: (One moon ago)When she was collecting herbs by the lake when she fell in and almost drowned when Blackfur, a ShadowClan young warrior, and a border patrol found her and brought her back to ShadowClan ~>

and then she was pronounced to have a broken ankle. Blackstar was angry but she had to stay there for about three weeks before she would be able to go back to ThunderClan. ThunderClan would be notified but they couldn't come to ShadowClan to get her because it was too major. Flamewing fell in love with Blackfur then.~>

Other: Blackfur and Flamepaw(Flamewing) had kits when Flamepaw turned into a warrior. The kits names are Darkit, Smudgekit, and Starkit.

You will find Blackfur's and Flamewing's whole history story with the story series I will be making. |Forbidden Love|Part 1. It will not be a book series . . . but it will be amazing.

Bye fellows!~

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