How well do you know WOF|Quiz 1
How well do you know WOF|Quiz 1 wof stories

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This Quiz is for WOF fans ONLY!! Also love Talons of Power because what happened between Kinkajou and Turtle. (RANDOM)

How well do you know WOF|Quiz 1

Question 1:How did Starflight get blinded? A. He got caught in a volcano explosion and his friends had to carry him. B. He tripped and he has a bandage wrapped on his left talon. C. Queen Scarlet hurt him.

Question 2: Is Sunny an animus dragon in your opinion? A. I think she is!! B. I don't really think so. C. I think she is both is and is not. D. Dunno.

Question 3: What happens between Turtle and Kinkajou? A. I think they start dating UwU B. There was a spell on Kinkajou that made her say that she loved Turtle. C. Kinkajou falls into a ditch and Turtle is under a spell for super strength to save her.

Question 4: What book does the Dragonet of Destiny meet Kinkajou? A. Talons of Power B. The Hidden Kingdom C. The Lost Heir

Question 5: What are all of the different tribes?(ALL OF THEM) A. Firewings, Hivewings, and Icewings. B. Hivewings, Leafwings, Icewings, Kingwings, and Waterwings.

C. Icewings, Mudwings, Sandwings, Skywings, Hivewings, Nightwings, Seawings, Leafwings, and Silkwings.

Put your answers for each question down below! Bye Fanwings!!

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