Commaful Friends Classroom
Commaful Friends Classroom #gc stories
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mysticalmagic ✨ Follow your heart, Follow your magic ✨
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Commaful Friends Classroom

Hey Magics!

So...I'm back. And I made a google classroom just for Commaful used by my friends and me.

It's called Commaful Friends. The link and code will be down in the description and comments.

If there are problems with the link and/or code then DM for info on how to correct my problem.

And sorry I wasn't Online for a while. I had my Pc/laptop taken away for a while because of my grades. They are up now which is why I could get my Pc back.

I am excited for a new beginning for MysticalMagic.

I will be posting more often than before.

I will also be continuing The Three Dragonets and Her Strength and a Warriors book i just finished.

Well these are the things I will be working on:

The Book

The Three Dragonets

Her Strength Chapters

Well I got to go now so bye my Magics!

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