Bright Flames|Part Six
Bright Flames|Part Six wc stories

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Part 6! :3

Bright Flames|Part Six

Silverain studied Night and Ice, noticing that they were awkward around each other. "What's up with them?" Silverain asked her sister. Dewspot shrugged. "They like each other, remember?" "Yes but Ice seems jealous about you and Night." Dewspot laughed. "Why? What should he be jealous of? I really like Earth. Night is just a good friend to me."

"I doubt it." Silverain muttered, running out of the cave and into the forest trees. Dewspot tries to catch up but stumbles weakly in the snow. "Wait for me!" Dewspot calls, tripping over a rock that is deep in the snow, falling on her face. Silverain sniffles a laugh and tramples farther. "Sis! no!!" Dewspot screeches, swiping the snow off of her face and racing after Silverain.

Silverain twitches her ears, running faster than she had ever gone before. Then she falls on her forelegs and feels herself slip. There was a small cliff that she didn't see, and she was slipping right over it. Silverain tries to grab her ice necklace but she cannot do it with both of her paws on the snowy cliff edge. She calls out to the trees. "Dew!"

Silverain screams just as she goes over the end, sending her to the dark snow below. --------------------------------------- Dewspot's Pov Dewspot heard her name being called and raced faster through the small expanse of trees. She ran over to where the snow was messed up with claw marks.

Silverain must've vanished in the snow, Dewspot thought. She gasped, clawing through the snow. Where are you?, Dewspot thought, panicking. "Sis . . ." she murmured, struggling not to tip off the small cliff. Dewspot paused.

Silverain must've slipped off the edge of the cliff. She whimpered, getting up and racing back to camp. When she got there she found Night. "Silverain fell off of a cliff." She meowed, licking her paws, whimpering.

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