Why do you need ?
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It's what matters in today's world....
Peace for life !

Why do you need ?

In the world today Full of fight , I find a lot of peace. Yes , I find peace - a lot of it.

It exists In the form of words Having a compiled of synonyms possessing page long meanings.

It is there Compiled with other moral values Sitting there , in a dusty cupboard of library rarely visited ; having no job to do in today's world.

It waits for people to wake up find it and love it as they did centuries early

It thinks why he was left behind While all other values Were almost taken along. It says :

Why do they need to drop the nuclear bombs If all they gain is ashes and millions of corpses lying around ?

Why are the Sun - like vapours required When you have rain to enjoy ?

Why do they need smoke in spite of oxygen If all they gain is choked up bodies ?

Why do they need corpses lying in spite of the Earth gifted to them ?

Wake up , humans ! Leave those guns and give the hugs , Leave those bombs and give away wishes , that are warm.

Put off the fire Before it spreads with the water of love and care ! Attain the peace and let the world , live peace !

By : Tanya ( mysterygirl160 ) Hope you like it !

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