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mysterygirl160 Hey there! ❤
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A note for you , readers !
And don't kill me / unfollow me for this rant lol

A note

Tons to do None to help

Overloaded by stuff But nothing to stuff

Day and night passing by

Day and night passing by Along the same horizon

Road for a lot to walk in straight But yet nowhere to throw out of gate

Clock ticking one two three Never stopping even to see

Right in and left out But no space for feelings

Right in and left out Butnospaceforfeelings

This is a note to say goodbye And to your surprise, also a see you later note

This app is an addiction disturbing my concentration ( xD , a joke )

I'll come back no matter what but just some space is all that I need now

Your support resembling on my closed eyes And kind words echoing in my head

Just a thanks is all that I wanted to say

Clock is still ticking Time for me to bid a bye I will come back Because this pen can't ever stop.

Clock is still ticking Time for me to bid a bye I will come back Because this pain can't ever stop.

Okie , so this wasn't a poem. It was a 'see you soon' note that took a form of a poem.

But Commaful is a real addiction which I can't throw away.

So maybe I will post once a week or maybe someday when the dawn rises

Or , ya , I remember , I was gonna do a series , I'll post it don't worry

But I'm always here to read your posts ( Remember that I created an account here mostly to read)

There are many awesome users who left the platform , or aren't using anymore. So I will be reading these posts.

But we can chat in PMs , I can't resist that xD.

So , here I stop. And ya, if you want to know some amazing now-stopped-writing users, you can message me as I've found 15 of them now.

See you soon !

See you soon ! Bye

Tanya !

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