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mystery123my poems are on real events and emotion
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As i look at myself i discover their is more stuff then what is on the surface. Theirs is stuff also beneath the surface............


As I look in to the mirror I see a nice girl with a good heart

As I look closer I see a damaged girl that doesn’t want to be here

As I try talking to that girl she screams in fear

As I look in the mirror I see damages I see cuts and bruises

then i realized i am looking at myself

As I look at my reflection I see pain suffering

As I look at the eyes I see confusion hatred

As I start slowly go closer I see blood dripping down

As I see my reflection I see my chest I look closer

As I look I see a heart it so cold and has ice around it

then all of a sudden i see everything shatter

As I try to put it back together i realized theirs no use i am forever lost never to be found again

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