The Mines

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"All people live, they will die one day, but it's better up there then down in these mine"

"The mines are a dangerous place, all walking and breathing things that went down there never came back up."

Everyone who lived in the mines didn't survive forever, many died of falling to death, suffocation, suicide, cave-ins and other tragic ways each different form the other.

The Mines

"Child, you need to run as far away from this place as possible!" the caretaker screamed, trying to escape from the grasp of the Miner Capturer Society or MCS for short.

I ran without looking back at the woman who raised me, I was never going to see her again.

I knew they wouldn't be able to track me into the woods unless they had dogs, trackers, or spotlights.

After running for about an hour, I stopped and dug up a hole under a tree that connected into a sunk-in house that I discovered two years ago.

I quickly filled the hole behind me, opened the door to the house, and stepped inside to be greeted by a red cat.

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