❝What she wants❞
❝What she wants❞ quick stories

mysterioushuman words are magic when properly arranged.
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A Queen who drowns and is stranded within her mind.

❝What she wants❞

by mysterioushuman

❝she wants what she cant have she wants what she cant touch she wants something that is not real❞ ~ what is it she wants?

❝she wants her dream to come true to come to life before her, all she wants is to be happy, successful ❞

❝But now that she has put her mind to it, it happened, her actions costed her souls of those she loved. She succeeded with her 'wants'.❞

❝Now she sits alone, sat on top her throne. She regrets this decision. She is lonely but suffocated by strangers and worshippers. They love her throne, Not her soul❞

❝One thing she never had obtained was her HAPPINESS. One thing she forgot to do... Do what she wanted keep her links, her people. Now she sits in a locked tower crying for the world❞

❝She sits with her demons Losing herself Sitting with negativity Talking with her symptoms Talking with her illnesses❞ ❝ Talking with herself ❞

❝She Is Still Alone needing To be Saved from From her Own INSANITY, slowly falling into DESPAIR❞

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