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Is this fate, this destiny, written in the stars...?
Join a boy, deaf to his surroundings, on his journey on an uneven road to family life, friendship and possibly even love.
However, an exquisite girl stands in his path. A girl who changes everything.
And those changes have a consequence.

Written In The Stars

* This Story’s ~ Main ~ Cast; Kim Taehyung as Hwang Sungjong Jeon Jungkook as Min Jong-su Min Yoongi as Kim Yeong-gi

The Boy It was an average day at the school. Pupils gosspiped and exchanged stories with friends, ignoring the teacher, lounging around on their tables and chairs. But of course. It was the beginning of a new term, a new day. So this should be expected of them. Then an office lady walks in, followed by a woman and boy who was holding a little notebook.

The class quitens down and starts to murmur amongst each other. The office lady looks at the class over the rim over the rim of her glasses. She nods at the teacher and gestures for the boy and woman to come forward. The teacher clears his throat and everyone looks at him. “This is your new classmate, Kim Yeong-gi, I hope you treat him well and welcome him.”

The woman nudges the boy who raises a hand, in a bored manner. At the back of the classroom, a girl leans forward, clearly curious. The teacher takes a deep breath and opens his mouth, but before he can speak, the office lady interrupts. “Yeong-gi is not like any of you, so you really do need to treat him well,” she pauses, “ he is deaf, you see...”

Then the teacher looking flustered introduced the woman as ‘Ms. Jang’ and that she would be staying with Yeong-gi to translate what others were saying for the time being. Everyone takes this in and turns to the boy. The office lady pushes him forward. The boy untucks the book from his arm and opens it, turning the pages that had little messages on them.

‘ Hello, my name is Kim Yeong-gi. I hope you help me learn, become friends and accept me for who I am. We can use this notebook to communicate with each other. Thank you. ’ It takes quite about of time for everyone to digest this information. They all start muttering, wondering who he will sit next to. Suddenly, the girl stands up.

“I have an empty seat next to my desk, Yeong-go can sit there.” She says. The teacher, office lady and Ms. Jang smile at her gratefully, class all whip round to her; she is the most popular girl, but Yeong-gi only observes them all with the most un-interested glance at the people in front of him, not evej the slightest bit interested about the topics that seemed to concern him.

Everyone watches as Ms.Min leads Yeong-gi to his new seat, pulls up a stool next to them and Yeong-gi settles down and hands the girl his notebook. ‘My name is Y/N’ - she writes - ‘It’s nice to meet you...!’ * * * And so like this, our story begins, with a hint of friendship blossoming in the air...

To Be Continued.... * Part/Chapter 2 is coming out soon...!

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