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The Ranger and the lost Fire

Far over in a distant world

in ages now ancient....

a misty islet cladded with cold

and an entangling fire fierce old

Dwelled the island a ranger alone

whole of the isle

then a part of his soul.

Battling throughout flare untamed and deadly

consuming his land slowly but steadily.

Burnt down trees the flames mighty

to dark and dusty ashes

Devouring his land, annihilating his spirit

were those brilliant blazes.

Tired, drained, the weary ranger

thought for once and all..

"I must smother this calamitous fire

to save my dying soul.

"Dug a trench around the flame

the incandescent isle intense was to be tamed

The mighty flames that once touched the sky,

were grounded and about to die.

Now mist and fog blinded his eyes

His foe the cold ,not flare, in disguise

He shivered, trembled as cold turned bitter

Chilly wind blows and trees flitter.

Rubbed branches hard, pulled out bark

athirst for glimpse of tiniest spark.

Isle was entrapped by cold misty layer

and helpless stood the flare slayer.

Far over in a distant world

in ages now ancient....

a misty isle cladded with cold

and a lonely ranger weary old.

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