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When you finally accept that you are not the one

When it's over

by milenamacuglia

It's hard to say goodbye to a feeling, even if it is hurting you

But when it comes to a first love that is already taken by someone you know it's no good

When you don't have a choice but to accept that you are not the one that will save them and give a happy ending to this story

There isn't a happy ending because there is no history

You don't want me, I am in love with the idea of you

We are too broken to be together

You are too broken to love me and I am too broken to keep waiting for you

I am sorry I am not enough to tempt you

I am sorry I am not enough to make you want to live differently

But I pity the person you are becoming, someone who drinks and smokes too much trying to escape your reality

I am sorry I fell in love with the idea of you, but we could have been so so good together

I could love you enough to make you try and really enjoy life

You could love me enough to make me want to live again

But nothing is like we want to, it's over now, any expectation I had is gone

I am sorry but I can wait for you anymore

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