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mynightprayerwoHello..My name is Selly Agtus. I'm from
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when I try to feel your touch I am full of pleasure


when I try to feel your touch

I am full of pleasure

when you start kissing my body from top to bottom

I feel the pleasure that makes me sigh because it's delicious

when you start licking my whole body and the curves in my body

I groaned slowly and enjoyed all the licks of your tongue

when you feel my body and gently press my chest

I have a loud moan and my body is struggling to be immediately covered with your maleness that I feel from the beginning you lick my body

I feel the lubricating fluid in my woman's appliance is melting

I am waiting for your hardware to enter my body that is ready to accept

and you catch me and hug me from behind

and soon I felt your maleness enter my body slowly and deeply

I groaned to enjoy your manliness moving faster and slowly

You groan to enjoy your maleness in my girl's cave..

we both moaned together at that time

we both moved in rhythm at that time

and when we both felt that we will reach the peak of enjoyment

You squeezed my chest hard and I squeezed your hands

and we both moaned together

when all our pleasure fluid splashed out from within us

and we felt great pleasure at that time

we caress each other

only the sound of the clock ticking at that moment talking

and our heartbeat was pounding due to fatigue of our union that night


Selly Agtus

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