Small But Strong! A Demon Slayer Oc story
Small But Strong! A Demon Slayer Oc story demonslayer stories
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Small But Strong! A Demon Slayer Oc story

Chapter 1 Dark and frightened

I was running, it killed my family, tears going down my face. I looked behind me and it was chasing me on all fours.

"Come back here!" it yelled at me in a growling voice.

Trying to run faster but my legs were about to go out, I was getting exhausted, branches hitting my face and I couldn't see then the worst most horrible thing happened....

I tripped on a root that was stuck up from the ground and stumbled down the hill and layed there. The demon was running towards me

"No please don't kill me! Help!!" I screamed out loud.

I heard running footsteps from over me and someone jumped towards the demon and cut his head off.

Staring at the strange boy, he didn't look that old but he had a katana in one hand and he was carrying a big box on his back. I knew what he was doing.

He was waiting for the demon to make a move or waiting for the sun to rise cause it was almost dawn.

The sun started to rise and the demon started burning and he ran off, blood was running down my face, scars on one of my eyes and I was crying.

"Hey hey calm down its ok"

his voice sounded so calming and sweet, I looked up at him and he had big dark eyes and a smile that made me smile.

"May I know your name?" he asked me. He was sitting on his knees and he put the giant box beside him

"N-Nakata Horishuu.."

I told him his hand reached to my face and whipped the blood off and he bandaged my wounds

"that's a very nice name, Im Tanjiro Kamado and im a demon slayer" he smiled

"Why was that demon chasing you, you should know not to be out that late...."

he looked at me as I started to cry "A demon snuck into my house during the middle of the night, I was awake and my Mother, Father, and siblings were asleep.

I was awake caring for my youngest brother who was very ill, Then everything just happened at once..."

Tanjiro looked at me and hugged me "I'm so sorry that happened to you, it happened to Nezuko and I as well" I looked at him confused cause he was the only one here except for that box,

and the box started to rumble. "Uh your box just moved" I told him a little frightened, Tanjiro grabbed the handle and a girl came out and hugged me and she also had tears running down her face.

"Thats Nezuko, she's very sweet"

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