Q/A cause i do have some questions
Q/A cause i do have some questions q+a stories
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My Q/A

Q/A cause i do have some questions

these question is from a good friend of mine @ajwadyasar go check him out

Who is my favorite writer?

My favorite writer has to be J.K Rowling cause I love harry potter and its not my fault its my fathers cause i started watching the fantastic beasts movies and i wanted to start t read harry potter then thats how i got into it.

Who is my inspiration?

my inspiration has to be my best friend I love her for my life and when i started reading her little "Lemons" I loved them and by my friend Emily as well...of course you guys know her...(and i started writing lemons)

Suppose I got the opportunity to cast in a movie which is will be adopted from a book of My choice. What book will I choose?

Can it count as a Manga??

Cause if "My Hero Acadamia" became a live action which i WISH IT WOULD DO!! I would love to cast as Uruaka or mina cause MINA IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!

these questions came from @strangefiction

What is My biggest fear?

My biggest fear has to be when people talk about me behind my back and how I get judged every day.....cause its true. and spiders i hate spiders!

Who is My bestfriend?

my best friends ....well we have a group so yea those are my friends but i dont want to tell there names. I dont think they would like me to do that

what do I like to read?

I LOVE TO FRICKIN READ! but the most genre of books that I really like to read is like fantasy like harry potter and paranormal kind of books cause im that weird...

How long have we known each other?

hmm that's a tough one..... i Met you when we were the fourth grade then you kind of disappeared after that and came back in sixth grade so yea.

what do I like to write?

I love writing fan fictions like my "my hero academia" series like the feather and flame ones and the paranormal ones, ima write more paranormal ones soon if i can think of any

My favorite movie?

the harry potter movies! you should know that by now

if you guys have anymore questions just ask them!

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